Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Summary/Response 1759 Quote

Kylie Dailey

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” Ben Franklin, 1759

  1. The 1759 quote from Ben Franklin discusses how personal freedoms should not be given up for safety.  The quote tells the readers that freedom is valuable and should not be taken advantage of even if it keeps people safe.

  1. The quote by Ben Franklin incorrectly portrays the idea of freedoms being more important than safety because dangerous scenarios can be avoided with the help of safety precautions and manipulations of freedom.
    1. Security scanners although time consuming have been effective at places like an airport.
      1. These tests most likely saved the lives of several people.
      2. According to the TSA blog, 2,653 firearms were discovered in bags most of which were loaded and the average discovered per day was around seven in 2015 alone.  Also, black powder, a live flashback grenade, explosives, dynamite, knives, and gunpowder were found in passenger bags.

      1. This proves that these scanning machines actually worked and potential criminals or terrorists were stripped of their weapons and ammunition.  Despite the fact that this is a time consuming process, safety of hundreds of people was maintained.
B. However, some security precautions have been abused and lost their real purpose.
    1. Cameras are a prime example.
      1. Denver is the third most watched city in the US behind Washington DC and Houston, Texas.
      2. The government has greatly misused red light cameras to spy on cities and all the people there.  Also, Dennis Gallagher, the Denver Auditor, claims, “it undermines public trust to maintain photo enforcement programs that are profitable but whose safety impact has not been conclusively shown .”
    1. This implies that the cameras haven’t really affected the overall traffic situation and changed what has happened.  Cameras are not fully needed to keep safety because nothing in the traffic area changed when cameras were added.  So cameras are not needed for overall safety.
  1. A common view is that the government tracks every single movement and motion of all of the citizen's lives with the use of cameras and other methods of tracking.
  2. This does seem reasonable because cameras at intersections have not caused a change in the activity at intersections.  This proves that cameras do not fully affect activity and are pretty useless.
  3. But it is more complicated than that.  The government must have access to these certain machines and devices in order to secure safety.  If the government did not have security scanners at airports, thousands of passengers would have brought on dangerous weapons, explosives, and ammunition.  Millions of passengers could have had their lives in danger but security scanners saved them.  Even though security scanning is time consuming, it is well worth the wait if it saves lives.
  4. The 1759 quote from Benjamin Franklin incorrectly portrays freedom being far more important than safety because a violation in common day freedoms like an intrusion in privacy maintains safety and saves lives.

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