Sunday, October 18, 2015

Summary/ Response Act 5 Redo

  1. Act 5 of Othello by William Shakespeare demonstrates how vengeance can destroy relationships and lives.  
    1. Iago manipulates characters which will lead to death.
      1. Iago stabs Cassio-later comes back and acts sympathetic
      2. Iago betrays and kills Roderigo.
      3. Othello kills Desdemona because he believes she is cheating on him with Cassio.
      4. Iago betrays and kills his wife Emilia.
      5. Othello kills himself.
    2.  Iago refuses to fess up to his conniving ways.
      1. He announces that he is not going to speak anymore once the other characters call him out on it and get angry at him.
  2. In Act 5 of Othello, Iago’s act of vengeance and betrayal rebounds and smacks every character affected by it in the first place onto the ground eventually making its way back to Iago himself.
  1. Act 5 of Othello by William Shakespeare correctly portrays how revenge controls a person’s mind when they are determined to pursue a malicious plan because vengeance is a powerful and dangerous tool.
    1. Iago and Othello discuss killing Cassio and Desdemona because of their secret love affair and act of betrayal.
      1. Iago then tells Roderigo to attempt to kill Cassio
      2. Iago notes to himself after a conversation with Roderigo, “Now whether he kill Cassio, or Cassio him, or each do kill the other, every way makes my gain,” (Shakespeare 5.1. 13-15).
        1. Iago implies that he doesn’t really care about Cassio or Roderigo and only wants them dead.
          1. This is a huge manipulative move because he is blatantly lying and deceiving Roderigo right to his face by acting like he cares but honestly Iago would rather have his plan fulfilled than Roderigo alive.
      3. At night, Roderigo undertakes the deed of killing Cassio but fails.
        1. Eventually Iago ends up killing Roderigo which is a true sign of wickedness.
  2. However, Iago actually cares for the other characters and has a tender heart.
    1. The night of the brawl, Iago comes into the scene and quickly learns and volunteers to help Cassio with his wounds by saying, “Marry heaven forbid! Light, gentleman.  I’ll bind it with my shirt,” (Shakespeare 5.1. 86-87).
    2. Iago is clearly concerned about the horrid wound that is troubling Cassio and is willing to use his own clothing in order to help Cassio survive and not lose lots of blood.
  3. At first glance, it seems like Iago truly cares for Cassio.
  4. This position seems reasonable because Iago is generously offering the clothes on his very own body in order to help save his friend's life.
  5. But it is more complicated than that.  Iago is just being deceptive.  Earlier, Iago claimed that he would be perfectly alright if both Cassio and Roderigo were killed as long as his plan was carried through.  Iago was the one that killed Roderigo and who later does not admit to being manipulative and deceptive to everyone.  Iago stabbed every character in the back and nudged the knife farther and farther through .  Iago began all conflicts and manipulates all of the characters so that he could get revenge on Othello for not allowing him to be the lieutenant.
  6. Act 5 of Othello by William Shakespeare proves that Iago is a truly manipulative mastermind who likes to deceive everyone and control others like a puppet master in order to get revenge on Othello and Cassio.

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