Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summary/Response Act 1 Redo-Dailey/Harguth

  1. Act 1 of Othello by William Shakespeare portrays how revenge can affect relationships.
    1. Iago wants revenge because Othello gave the first lieutenant to Cassio and he felt he deserved it because he has been in battle with Othello and was a highly trained officer.
    2. Roderigo seeks revenge because Othello married Desdemona and he wanted to marry Desdemona himself.
    3. Brabantio, intends on getting his revenge because he does not approve the the relationship between the Moor and Desdemona.
      1. Brabantio despises their marriage because  Othello is black and Iago compares them to animals.
  2. Act 1 of Othello, revenge leads to the destruction of multiple relationships, romantic or blood-related.
    1. Act 1 of Othello by William Shakespeare correctly demonstrates how revenge can control a person’s emotions because it can drive them to manipulate and harm others.
      1. Shakespeare shows this through the actions of Iago. Iago and Othello have a friendly relationship until Othello supplies Cassio with the first lieutenant position, which Iago wanted because he felt he deserved it and had the ability to lead such a big and powerful army into battle since he was a skilled commander.
        1. “I know my price, I am worth no worse a place,” (Shakespeare 1.1. 12)
          1. Obviously Iago developed a deep hatred of Othello once the position was cast away.  
          2. Iago is deeply frustrated and is seeking vengeance on Othello for not using him to his fullest potential.
          3. Iago’s hatred of Othello drives him to manipulate Roderigo by using his feelings for Desdemona to strengthen his hatred for the Moor.
        2. Roderigo is willing to help Iago in order to win Desdemona’s heart, and it seems Iago is concerned with Roderigo’s emotions when he says, “Put but money in thy purse,” (Shakespeare 1.3. 389).
          1. Iago encourages his friend to win Desdemona’s heart by chasing her to Cyprus after he sells pretty much everything he owns in order to buy her feelings.
      2. Iago manipulates Roderigo into working with him against Othello; however,  Iago is concerned about the emotional being of his friend.
    2. Revenge takes over a person’s being and takes hold of their emotions so that they manipulate and seek harm.   
    1. A common view is that Iago wanted to help Roderigo by saving him from death when he says, “Drown cats and blind puppies,” (Shakespeare 1.3. 378-379).  
      1. Iago pushes for Roderigo to stay alive showing true friendship, loyalty, and kindness.  
    2. One can not deny that Iago is concerned about his friend and his emotional state.  
      1. He really seems to want Desdemona and his dear friend together so that his friend will be happy.  
    3. However it is clear that Iago is only out for himself and his revenge Othello when he waits for Roderigo to leave and says, “Thus do I ever make my fool my purse,”(Shakespeare 1.3. 426).  
      1. Iago is obviously using Roderigo to achieve absolute revenge  and destruction of Othello.  
      2. Iago is manipulating the closest people to him in order to carry out his sinister and malicious plans to destroy a person who once was close to him.  This is a true  evil act of betrayal.  
    4. Iago has a cold heart that is eaten alive by vengeance.

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