Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dailey/Harguth Bully Summary Response

Summary Response Outline

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, main idea- “Bully” evokes ferocious feelings of melancholy, pity, hope, and love.
  • Supporting ideas to prove main ideas- name-calling, physical harassment, mental harassment, fighting
  • Explanation of ideas- examples
    • Alex: called “fish face”; sat on and strangled- part of daily routine
    • Kelby: insulted by not only peers, but also teachers; bullying can be overcome by the power of friendship
    • Ja’Meya: police aren’t seeing things from her side of the story- used the gun to defend herself
      • authority is oblivious to what is happening!!!!
    • Tyler: bullying doesn’t need to be physical to drive your breaking point (suicide)
    • Devon: believes that standing up for yourself and others makes a difference
    • Ty: Kirk, his father, says laws are passed for important people, not nobodies
      • authority is oblivious!!!!
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea- Although bullying causes depression and self-pity, relying on friends and family reminds the victims of the existence of hope and love.

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, agree/disagree (correctly portrays/ incorrectly portrays), “Bully” by Lee Hirsch correctly portrays the effect bullying has on an individual when they are standing at the crossroads of life and death because it can drive someone to take their own life. Hirsch shows that bullying can shove an individual into death’s waiting arms through the stories of Ty and Tyler.
  • Claim 1:
    • Set-up
      • Tyler was a normal teen that lived an abnormal life. His peers constantly abused him mentally and physically.
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • “I knew he was going to be victimized at some point in his life,” says Tyler’s father.
    • Explanation of quotation to prove claim
      • Tyler’s father had a preconceived notion that Tyler would be bullied
        • called fag, worthless, geek
        • told to hang himself
        • head shoved into locker

  • Counterclaim 1: However, ....
    • Set-up
      • Kelby: power of friends overcomes bullying
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • “I got my four-foot-ten girlfriend to protect me
        • Kelby wouldn’t be there without her friends
        • tried to commit suicide three times
        • hit by car
        • not welcome in some homes
    • Explanation of quotation to prove counterclaim
  • Claim 2:
    • Set-up
      • Ty kept a positive attitude, but bullying can overcome the strongest of people
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • “A tragic situation has shaken a small Oklahoma town to its core,”
    • Explanation of quotation to prove claim
      • the town know how to handle the death
      • suicide impacted the small town- destructive
  • Counterclaim 2: Although, ....
    • Set-up
      • Ty’s dad able to rebound and start a program- Stand for the Silent
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • “Be the difference. Be a friend. Smile. If we all do it together, we will change the world. Let’s get this done.”
    • Explanation of quotation to prove counterclaim
      • program made a difference
      • spread like wildfire on Facebook
  • What are the strengths/ flaws of this argument?
    • bullying destroys, but with support it can be overcome
  • Rebuttal
    • many argue that bullying cannot be overcome and that kids will make their own decisions
    • one can not deny that Tyler had been planning his suicide for quite some time
      • the note- knew what he was going to do
    • however Tyler’s suicide could have been prevented if authority had taken action like Ty’s father
      • instead a teacher says, “kids will be kids, boys will be boys,” and decides to ignore the bullying
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
    • bullying can push an individual to their breaking point- death
    • has power over lives

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  1. Good start- I need to see more writing and not bulleted out ideas. Also, make sure to properly punctuate the title and add the author in your summary topic sentence. Make sure to avoid opinion in your summary. Save that for the response.

    Good topic sentence of your response. Make sure to help it be more concise. Also, where is the citation (Hirsch) and developed explanation of your claim. You only need one claim and one counterclaim- way to work beyond. Make sure to write everything out. Flush out rebuttal to be more in-depth. Spend more time explaining your side.

    Fully write out conclusion,