Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dailey/Harguth Summary/Response Redo Act 2

  1. Act 2 of Othello, by William Shakespeare, portrays how hatred drove Iago to conspire against Cassio.
    1. Iago intoxicates Cassio.
      1. Cassio loses control of his temper when  he is drunk.
        1. He will fight with Montano.
        2. Iago will convince Cassio to seek Desdemona’s help.
    2. He plans to take advantage of Cassio’s close relationship with Desdemona.
      1. Iago tells Cassio to go to Desdemona for her to talk to Othello about the devastating decision.
      2. He will convince Othello they are having an affair when Desdemona stands up for Cassio.
II. In Act 2 of Othello, Iago's hatred of Othello drives him to plot against and betray his relationship with Cassio.
  1. Act 2 of Othello correctly portrays how hatred can lead to the destruction of relationships   because it causes characters to turn against and manipulate one another.
    1. This is shown in the relationship between Iago and Cassio.
      1. Iago manipulates Cassio in order to get revenge on Othello.
      2. During a celebration, Iago encourages Cassio to enjoy himself and savor a drink or two.  
      3. “O, they are our friends! But one cup; I’ll drink for you,” says Iago (Shakespeare 2.3. 37-38).
        1. Iago gets Cassio drunk in order to obtain the first lieutenant position.
        2. Iago will have Cassio fight with Montano and then be fired.
        3. He will then encourage Cassio to gain the support of Desdemona to convince Othello that they are having an affair.
    2. However, Iago is supporting Cassio by giving him advice when he says,
      1. “Our general’s wife is now a general,” says Iago (Shakespeare 2.3. 368-369).
        1. Iago is encouraging Cassio to speak to Desdemona about being fired in the hope that she will talk to Othello.
        2. Iago is looking out for his friend and trying to help him regain his prior position.

  1. Act 2 of Othello depicts how hatred is a destructor of relationships because it encourages betrayal and manipulation.

  1. A common view is that…
    1. Iago is truly a friend of Cassio’s.
      1. He is looking out for Cassio when he suggests that he talk to Desdemona in order to regain his position as first lieutenant.
  2. This position seems reasonable…
    1. Iago is being helpful when he suggests this and gives Cassio confidence in his current situation.
      1. Iago seems to be truly making an effort in trying to improve the distraught mental status of Cassio.
  3. However…
    1. It is clear that Iago is only out for himself.
      1. He tells Roderigo that he is going to manipulate Cassio and Desdemona in order to convince Othello that the two are having an affair in order to gain the first lieutenant position.
      2. Also, Iago makes sneaky side comments suggesting that he feels betrayed and wants to inflict the utmost worse possible revenge act he can on Othello for not picking him as the first lieutenant.

  1. Hatred consumes Iago as he feverishly works to destroy the relationship between Desdemona, Othello, and Cassio in order to fulfill his plan of destruction of his enemies.

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